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MMJMenu / METRC: Sending Sales Reports to METRC

toddresudek - Jan 13, 2017

Are you a Colorado or Oregon dispensary? Update your dispensary information today to have your sales reports sent directly to METRC from MMJMenu. All you need is your dispensary license number and your METRC user API key.

From the Dispensary Information Page

Here’s how to have your dispensary sales reports sent to METRC from your dispensary information page:

  1. Log into your MMJMenu account from your laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Navigate to your dispensary information page.
  3. Depending on your dispensary’s location:
    1. For Colorado, ensure:
      1. “CO” is entered in the State field.
      2. “Colorado” is selected for the Region drop-down menu.
    2. For Oregon, ensure:
      1. “OR” is entered in the State field.
      2. “Oregon” is selected for the Region drop-down menu.
    3. For Michigan, ensure:
      1. “MI” is entered in the State field.
      2. “Michigan” is selected for the Region drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  5. Enter the following:
    1. Your license number in the METRC API Dispensary License Number field.
    2. Your METRC user API key in the Dispensary METRC User API Key field.
  6. Click Update Information
  7. You’re all set!

MMJMenu / Weedmaps API Key Integration

alex - Feb 19, 2014

We have re-worked the way MMJMenu communicated with Weedmaps. From now on, all you need to integrate is your Weedmaps dispensary API key.

Using an API key will allow MMJMenu to authenticate you and lookup your dispensary. It will also allow you to change your Weedmaps password without breaking the MMJMenu integration. This rollout should also fix problems some clients were reporting of not all items syncing over, or some items being duplicated.

Here are the steps to grab your new Weedmaps dispensary API key, and integrate it into MMJMenu:

- On your Weedmaps listing page, in the right sidebar click “Manage Your Listing”.
- Scroll to the very bottom of the next page, and copy your Weedmaps API key.
- Click the “Options” tab inside MMJMenu, and scroll to the very bottom to “Social Integration”.
- Paste your Weedmaps API key into the Weedmaps integration area.

It is recommended that you selected “Delete current menu items from Weedmaps” so you don’t end up with duplicates after the sync is complete.

As always if you have any questions, emails us at or give us a call!

MMJMenu & WeedMaps: Acquisition & Integration

alex - Dec 30, 2011

Today, we are very happy to announce a few new things at MMJMenu. First, we have teamed up with WeedMaps, who is acquiring MMJMenu. This means MMJMenu will be part of the WeedMaps team. You can read more about it here. This is a very exciting move that is going to help us continue to develop new, great features for MMJMenu. One of which we’re excited to launch today: Live WeedMaps Integration!

Current MMJMenu clients can setup the WeedMaps integration by clicking the “Options” tab in your MMJMenu account, and jumping to “Social Integration”. To complete the integration, just enter your WeedMaps login name, password, and URL, and click “Integrate”.

When you integrate for the first time, you will be presented with the option to sync your current MMJMenu to WeedMaps. Selecting this option will remove everything on your WeedMaps menu, and replace it with your current MMJMenu inventory.

Once you complete the integration, every time you add, remove, restore or put a menu item on hold, MMJMenu will automatically update your WeedMaps menu to reflect that change.

If you have any questions about setting up your WeedMaps integration, please click here to contact us.

Your Patient Information is Safe With mmjmenu

justin - Oct 28, 2011

One of our competitors has been spreading rumors regarding the security of your patient data. We would like to start by assuring you that the rumors are nothing more than an attempt by MJFreeway to try and scare you. The privacy and security of your data is of our utmost concern, so let us take a minute to explain how we keep your patient data safe and put these rumors to rest.

When you upload a patient document to mmjmenu, we store that document in your account for later access. When you request to see a document that you have uploaded, we generate a secure link to that document, direct you to that document, then expire the link so nobody else can view it. To view the document again, you must go back to the patient file and click the document, which will generate a new secure access link to that document.

When you view a patient document, the URL looks like this:

The first part is a link that describes the actual file, and the second is encoded information to secure the file. If you remove the security information from the URL, and just try to visit it will still return “Access Denied”, because the security parameters are required to view a document. If you try to change the security parameters, the signature will not match and will result in another “Access Denied” response.

What does this all mean? It means that unless you are logged into your mmjmenu account and have permission to view patient documents, you will not be able to view any mmjmenu patient documents. Period. And because document links expire immediately, if anybody tries to share a link to your patient documents, the only thing they will see is: “Access Denied”.

All of us at mmjmenu are here to serve you, and the entire medical marijuana community. We are proud to offer the most affordable plans, and the highest quality product & service in the industry.

If you have any other questions or concerns, just click here to contact us 24 hours a day.

mmjmenu is turning 2 years old and giving away a year of free service

alex - Sep 05, 2011

On September 12th, 2009, mmjmenu was born. And in the two years since, with your help, mmjmenu has grown to become the industry leading medical marijuana management & POS system.

And to show our appreciation and gratitude to our clients, we are holding a giveaway on our birthday.

What could you win? How about a full year of service from mmjmenu, for free? Great! Because we’re giving away a full year of free service to 3 different mmjmenu clients!

So, how do you enter to win?

All current mmjmenu clients automatically get one entry into the drawing. But you have the opportunity to earn 2 additional entries for your dispensary.

The first thing you can do to earn an extra entry is: Send an email newsletter to all your patients inside mmjmenu, and tell them to come follow your dispensary or collective on

The second thing you can do to earn an extra entry is: Add a link to on your dispensary’s website for your patients.

As an mmjmenu client, you can take advantage of mmjrevu, a medical marijuana patient community / strain review website – – for free. Add your dispensary, let your patients follow you and receive updates about your dispensary & menu, and setup a complete public page for your dispensary with fans, forums, specials, activities and a menu.

mmjrevu also gives patients the unique ability to view their purchase history at your dispensary, from their mmjrevu account. This is just another features that makes mmjrevu a totally unique and revolutionary tool for medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and collectives.

It’s a fantastic alternative to other websites that make you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to showcase your dispensary or collective on the internet. And patients love it because not only can they get updates about your dispensary, they can learn about their medicine too.

The more of your patients that use mmjrevu, the better you will be able to communicate and stay in touch with your current patients. If you get your current patients following you on mmjrevu, you will easily be able to communicate with them and reach out to them instantly, anytime you need. So encourage your patients to take advantage of these great features that only mmjrevu can offer.

To learn more about mmjrevu, please visit the mmjrevu tour page and feature page at:

Then, on September 12th, we will take all the entries and put them into a randomizer, and randomally select 3 dispensaries who will win a free year of service from mmjmenu.

And we want to personally thank every single one of our clients from the bottom of our hearts. We just had an idea to help dispensary owners and medical marijuana patients. But you helped us create and grow an amazing business in an industry that we love. Like most of you, we feel blessed to be doing what we’re doing, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you,
Alex, Justin & Tracy

A few big updates and new Colorado MMED reports

alex - Aug 21, 2011

We have a few big features that will really help our Colorado clients complying with new regulations. But these features will be beneficial to you no matter where you are located. So let’s jump right in.

Patients now have a “Wholesale” option. If you are wholesaling any of your medicine, you can mark a patient as a “Wholesale patient” so you MMED reports will reflect proper numbers. So when somebody comes in and wants to buy wholesale, just start a visit form them like you would any other patient.

End of day inventory. After you close up shop, click your “Menu” tab and then click the “End of Day Inventory” button to take a snapshot of your current inventory. Again, this will help you automatically fill out required MMED reports.

Menu items and vendor purchases both have a “Medicine Amount” option to track the amount of marijuana in an edible, tincture, drink, or anything else that isn’t pure marijuana.

Vendor purchases now have a “Purchase Type” in which you can select if that purchase is a wholesale purchase, or a transfer of medicine from your grow facility.

And finally, MMED reports! We have them, and they are going to make your life a lot easier if you own a dispensary in Colorado. As you know, on July 1st the Colorado government is requiring a lot of different reports, and a lot of data in each of those reports. Some of these reports must be submitted daily, others monthly.

Now, when you click on your “Live Reporting” tab, you will see many of the MMED reports on the right sidebar (with the rest coming soon). All of these reports look just like the original reports provided by the Colorado government, and all of these reports are automatically filled out with all required information.

And don’t forget to sign up for your free dispensary account on

Keeping track of Payouts

alex - May 04, 2011

Starting today, you can track payouts that happen throughout the day. Whether you pull out $30 to pay for lunch, or take $2,000 from the drawer to pay a vendor, it’s all accounted for. We setup specific permissions so you can choose which of your staff members can add and view payouts. Just click on the “Permissions” tab of any employee, and scroll down to the “Payouts” section.

Select the permissions you want each employee to have, in relation to the payout functionality of mmjmenu. It is recommended that you only allow owners and managers to access this feature.

Once you have the permissions enabled on your account, click on your business name in the left navigation bar. On this page, you’ll see a new “Options” tab on the right side, with a “Payouts” link under it.

This is how you will access all payout information in your account. Your payouts page will list all transactions, the amount the transaction was for, and who authorized that transaction.

We’ve also added a new report for payouts under the “Live Reporting” section, so you can easily get totals and download spreadsheets of all your past payouts.

For those of you who are using the online order feature, you can now customize the wording on your online order page, and select a website to redirect your patients to after they place an online order. This can all be setup in your “Options” page under “Online Orders”.

We also improved on the “Email Receipt” function. Now, when you email a patient a receipt for their visit, your logo will be included, and the patient will see an actual receipt for their visit.

Customize your public mmjmenu page

alex - Mar 03, 2011

As an mmjmenu client, you get a free vanity URL for your MMC, which is – This is your public mmjmen page. You can choose to show your online menu to all your patients, let those patients place online orders, or even let them sign up to become a patient.

But if a patient comes from your website to your public mmjmenu page, our logo is on the top of the screen. At least, it used to be. Starting today, we’re giving you the ability to customize your public mmjmenu page!

You can upload your own logo and choose any background color you want. We will even link your logo back to your website, so patients never feel like they even left your website.



Just go to your Options tab, and upload your logo. Then click “Customize Public Page” in the side bar. Switch “Use custom logo on public page” to Yes, and upload your logo. To select a background color, just click in the text box and choose your color in the popup box. Then just click the “Update Options” button and your new public page will show your logo, have your colors, and link back to your webpage.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you don’t have questions, but just like the new features, we love hearing that as well!

A huge update to the reports and live stats

alex - Feb 27, 2011

When you login to your mmjmenu account, you will notice a little difference. We merged the two tabs previously knows as “Reporting” and “Live Stats”. It’s all in one brand new category called “Live Reporting”, and you are going to love it.

We took the best features of our Live Stats section, like the beautiful reports generated in real time and displayed on mmjmenu. And the best features from the Reports section where you would download different reports.

We’ve added 18 unique reports to Live Reporting so you can get an in-depth look into the numbers from every aspect of your MMC. When you view a report like Daily Sales, you will get an on-the-fly look at the sales for the specified time period.

On the bottom right side of Live Reporting, you will see a “Download Report” option, in which you can download the spreadsheet just like before. But you’ll also see we generate a new PDF file as well, so you can download the pretty stats from mmjmenu right to your computer in PDF format.

We also have a new way of generating the reports. Because we deal with a tremendous amount of data, large reports spanning many months can sometimes take a few minutes to generate.

You no longer have to wait for reports to generate and build. Just click the report you want (PDF or Spreadsheet), and you will see it added under “Generated Reports”. The status will say one of three things.

Pending. This means your report request is in the queue waiting to be generated.

Generating. This means your report is currently being generated. If it’s a big report, it could stay at this status for a few minutes.

Complete. This means your report was successfully generated, and you can now download your report.

This is a complete overhaul and upgrade to the reporting on mmjmenu. Everything is consolidated so it will be easier to use, and to find the information you’re looking for. But please take a few minutes to go over the different reports and take a look at the new downloadable reports. If you spot a bug or have a question about the new Live Reporting section, please send an email to or give us a call.

One final note, we’ve also completed Twitter integration. If you click the “Options” tab inside mmjmenu, then click “Social Integration” on the bottom right side, you will see the Twitter Integration button.

If you integrate your mmjmenu account with your Twitter account, you will have the option to send a Twitter update every time you add a new inventory item to your menu.

A New Look For mmjmenu

alex - Jan 09, 2011

Today, the mmjmenu team has a little surprise for you. We’ve taken input and ideas from all of our clients and we’re proud to show you the culmination of that input. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed working to make them a reality.

What you’ll notice first, are the aesthetic changes that have taken place. The links that used to be in the top navigation bar are no longer there. We’ve moved those to the new global sidebar on the left side of every page for quicker access. Also inside the new global sidebar will be a list of all waiting patients. So no matter what page you’re on, you can see how many patients are checked in and waiting. We know that mmjmenu is known for its user friendly and simplistic design and this addition makes it even easier to use.

Next, a feature everybody really likes is the global search box. On the top of every single page, you will see the “Search Dispensary” box. This will let you search for anything in your dispensary, from any page on mmjmenu. And when we say anything, we mean it. A patient, an inventory item, a vendor, a physician, an employee or a caregiver, all searchable from the global search box.

Along with the new design and improved functionality, we’re proud to announce the start of the mmjmenu API. The API gives you direct access to the information at your dispensary. So if you wanted to create a patient login option on your own website, you could use patient information from mmjmenu to do that. You could also build a customized menu for your website and display your current inventory through the API. These are just a couple examples of our powerful API.

As always, please write or call us with any feedback or suggestions you have. We would like to thank all of our clients have helped us make the program such a success so far. We look forward to working with all of you in 2011 and beyond to keep mmjmenu as the industry leading MMJ management software.

mmjmenu sets the standard, everybody else just follows our lead.